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The data generated from Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is very important for analytics and for it to be correct, it is neccessary that the devices generating this data have similar notion of time. These devices are generally tiny, resource constraint with limited battery power. In the Internet of things these devices are required to be connected to the IP networks which has given rise to a very light weight network stack called 6LoWPAN.

In this project I designed and implemented an energy efficient time synchronization protocol for 6LowPAN based networks. This protocol exploits the hierarchy of nodes in this standard to enhance the energy efficiency. It uses a hybrid approach to time synchronized the Full Function Devices (FFD)  with the Edge router and the Reduced Function Devices (RFD) with the FFDs.
This work was my undergraduate project in college under the guidance of Dr.Ashok Singh Sairam. The project was selected among the top five best Btech projects at IIT Patna. 

Time synchronization protocol for 6LoWPAN,
Anandghan Waghmare, Arka Prokash Mazumdar, Ashok Singh Sairam, International Conference on Advances in Computing,Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), 2013 , Mysore

Tags: Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, 6LoWPAN, TelosB, Contiki OS

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