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Sticky Switches is new way to control devices around us. By writing the name of the device with a regular pencil on the special sticky note, the sticky note starts acting like a switch for the device. The user can then stick the note on any wall/surface and use it as a  switch! A switch which can be programmed/reprogrammed by a pencil, which is inexpensive, wireless and no battery !
This all happens using the RFID tag in the sticky note. While programming the sticky switch, the user scans this NFC compatible tag using the phone's NFC. The app in the phone then identifies the device name using handwriting recognition. It then maps this device with the RFID tag. Later while using the switch, touching the tag activates the RFID, and a centralized RFID reader reads it and switches on/off the corrosponding device.
Human Computer Interaction, RFID, BLE, Arduino, Internet of Things, Android
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