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Skyriz is my initiative started with the aim to develop low cost Braille readers. Currently available Braille readers starts at a range of approximately  $2000 which keeps it out of reach for a large visually impaired population, especially from the developing countries. With approx 285 million visually impaired people worldwide, according to WHO, it is important to bring down the cost of this device. Braille readers help visually impaired people access technology more easily.
My story with Skyriz till now.
The thought :: Started working
September 2014
Reading about technologies for visually impaired people, i realised that it is very expensive but is neccessary. And hence it is required to bring down the cost
Most promising startup
November 2014
It was exhilarating to have won AnthahPrerana 2014 organised by The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Bangalore. This strengthened my belief that my work would prove to be very useful.
February 2015
After several prototype demos, surveys and study, I iterated over the specs of the device to precisely hit the centre of the problem. Now I had a clear picture what the end result needs to be.
Back to square one!
June 2015

There was not one way left that i hadnt tried out to build the device. Everything I tried failed in oneway or the other. I had hit a roadblock! It was time i think about the problem from a different perspective.

User Testing
November 2016
Doing user testing and iterating over feedback.
Looks good
July 2015
After some intense brainstroming, I came up with a design which looked promising and started working on it.
To be continued...
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