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Draw it! is computer graphics on paper.
Computer software has gained popularity for drawing and designing due to variety of features and accuracy. Despite this popularity, artists have not stopped using paper for drawing. Drawing on paper provides more freedom and preserves the artist's unique personal style.

Draw it! aims at blending the features of computer graphics into paper. It allows the artist visualize the next part of drawing and then assists to draw the part precisely. The part to draw can be selected by the user from a set of predefined shapes or can be generated by the artist. The artists pen is provided with a magnet on which the system applies magnetic force through a underlying XY plotter and provides assistance. This system can also be used to teach writing to young children.
The role of computer assistance is to provide support while drawing complex shapes or repeated shapes, situations where the users feels the need for more accuracy. Even while the computer is providing assitance, the user still has control over the pen and can add to the computer's output. For example, if the user tells the computer to draw a straight line, the user can shake his hand while the computer tries to move the pen and create a line which is straight but also jittery.
Tags: HCI, Design, Arduino, XY Plotter, Image processing, Assistive Technology
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