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The project is a Braille based smartphone for the visually challenged. The phone does not require any voice support for its operation and provides both input and output in Braille. 


The phone has a touch sensitive panel on the top with emobossed dots. These dots can represent any character defined by the software. This character can be read by touching the dot and sensing the refreshable Braille character at the back of the phone. The phone is provided with buttons forming a Braille cell which allows the user to directly type in Braille.  


The fact that the phone converts regular text format book into Braille can be of great use for education as not all books are available in Braille. I was invited to give a talk at TEDxSushantLok for this project.



Anandghan, Vidit



Indian patent application 2166/MUM/2015 (Pending)


Braille, Mobile, Arduino, 3D Printing, Electronics



1) Make Magzine

2) Print Media




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