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Ideas generally are best communicated via sketches - stick figures, flow charts etc. These are generally drawn on paper or on some digital screen but both these mediums are two dimensional. I believe this communication can be made better, if we draw in 3D; straight into the air. This will hugely simplify providing perspectives and would make visualizing easier. With this aim, I made Air Draw -  an augmented reality app which would allow the user to use their finger as a pen and draw in space around him. The user can then see the shapes they make via the phone's screen. This app is made using Unity and Vuphoria.
Imagine you talking to friend at a subway station about technology and suddenly an idea of building a cool robot strikes you. You try to convey your idea and design of your robot to your friend by verbally describing it, making hand gestures but your friend is unable to get the feel of how it would look like and move around. That is when you can pull out your mobile phone and start drawing a basic figure in the air right where you are standing. Now your friend would be able to look at the robot, view it from different directions and get the visulization of your description. This way you would be able to convey your idea more clearly in a way you see it in your mind and such a way of interaction would prove to be very helpful.
Tags: HCI, Augumented Reality, Unity
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